Lung module for the U/S Mentor

Lung module for the U/S Mentor

The Lung Module includes procedural tasks and clinical cases for the training of lung examination. The module incorporates hands-on tasks and cases, accompanied by comprehensive educational aids.
The procedural tasks are a guided step-by-step performance of examination protocols (BLUE and F-LUS).

The clinical cases are aimed at training in both the technical and clinical aspects of the examination. The cases present realistic scenarios with different diagnostic complexities that assist in the recognition of various pathologies such as pneumothorax, pleural effusion, pneumonia, pulmonary edema and lung artifacts such as A lines, B lines, Z lines, lung sliding, lung point, etc. The module allows training to the full extent of the examination and includes practicing of the various lung zones, documentation and clinical reporting in a full clinical environment. In relevant cases, the user is provided with the ability to select the severity of the pathologies from mild to severe.

Thoracic ultrasound is becoming more and more popular and is practiced by multiple specialties such as emergency, critical care, pulmonary, radiology, sonography and internal medicine.

This release greatly increases our attractiveness to those specialties and assists us in our competitive landscape (both CAE and Medaphor offer thoracic ultrasound).

Module content:

The content of this version includes the following:

Task 1: Step-by-step procedural performance of the BLUE protocol

Task 2: Step-by-step procedural performance of the F-LUS protocol

Case 3: Healthy patient

Case 4: Pulmonary edema (3 severities)

Case 5: Pneumothorax (3 severities)

Case 6: Pneumonia (Pediatric)

Case 7: Suspected Mass

Case 8: COPD & Diaphragmatic dysfunction

Case 9: Atelectasis

Case 10: Pulmonary embolism

Case 11: Empyema (Pediatric)

Module Features:

· Lateral or Posterolateral manikin scanning (Unique to us)

feature 1


· Incorporation of decision tree to tasks and clinical cases (Unique to us)





· Two scanning protocols (Unique to us):

o BLUE protocol; Lung Ultrasound in the Critically Ill by Daniel A. Lichtenstein

o Focused lung ultrasound (F-LUS) protocol; As taught in ERS courses

· Advanced lung artifacts:

o A lines

o B lines

o Z lines

o Consolidations

o Shred sign

o Lung sliding

o Lung point

· Functional heart, diaphragm, liver, spleen and kidneys for a complete thoracic examination

· 2D and M-mode scanning

Available documents:


· Step by step

· Module book